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Even though it’s been some weeks that the devastating hurricane Irma hit our beloved sister island St. Maarten, we realize that helping St. Maarten towards recovery has become irrelevant. In fact, it is now that we see how much the island will benefit from help to move forward towards complete recovery.

On a regular basis, we welcome guests from St. Maarten to stay at Lilu Apartments Curacao and are very appreciative and grateful for their business. As a token of our gratitude Lilu Apartments will allocate a monthly donation starting October 2017 to end December 2017 to the Red Cross that is managing the relief efforts for the island.

Guests staying at Lilu Apartments from October to December 2017 contribute automatically to the relief efforts. Now your stay at Lilu Apartments got even better!

We have been following guests, family and friends in St. Maarten to try and grasp the after hurricane Irma effects and we still haven’t been able to compare it to anything devasting that might have occurred in Curacao. Our hearts go our the men, women, and kids in St. Maarten who have shown us what courage is and encouraged us at the same time to believe in tomorrow to rebuild the nation we call home.

Let us welcome you at Lilu Apartments and support our sister island.
Book now! If you haven’t done so yet…and find out how you can support and enjoy your comfortable stay at Lilu Apartments Curacao.

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